About Tulane University

Tulane university is one of the oldest and highly regarded medical colleges in the United States of America. Founded in 1834, Tulane medical school has completed over 150 years of academic excellence and has many medical innovations to its credit.

From the invention of the binocular microscope to pioneering robotic surgeries, Tulane School of Medicine remains at the forefront of modern medical innovation. It is a vibrant centre for education, research and public service.

AEI’s association with Tulane University

  • Anand Eye Institute has an association with the Ophthalmology department of Tulane University. As a part of this tie-up, the faculty from AEI visits and teaches the residents at Tulane and the faculty from Tulane train the residents and consultants at AEI.
  • Tulane provides assistance in establishing a structured fellowship program at AEI.
    They share their knowledge base and experience in structuring fellowship curriculum for AEI.
  • The fellows enrolled for Anterior segment and Glaucoma fellowships at AEI will get a chance to go for Oservership at Tulane Medical School.
  • AEI and Tulane University’s ophthalmology department also have an understanding in working together in research projects. AEI and Tulane have already published few papers and working to publish more in future