First Time Visit

Welcome to Anand Eye Institute.

If you are here for your first eye examination, you may have some questions or concerns about what is going to happen. We understand that it can be a worrying time, however remember we are here primarily to offer you support. When you visit our hospital, you’ll be cared for in a warm, professional atmosphere, with vision health specialists focused on your satisfaction.

  • The first visit to AEI is a comprehensive evaluation that will take about one and a half hours. Your visit may take longer if you need specialized testing or have complex eye problems.

  • Things that would be helpful to bring include your medication list, a driver, and any insurance information and cards. If you have had previous eye surgeries, please bring prior records.
  • Your evaluation will begin with an in-depth medical history that will include any previous ophthalmic history and a medical review.
  • Visual acuity will be tested by determining the smallest letters you can read on a standardized eye chart. Each eye will be tested individually by our Optometrist to determine your best vision at distance and near.
  • A refraction, which checks any possible need for a glasses prescription, will be performed to determine the best focus for your eyes.
  • Once the optometrist completes the basic eye examination, your ophthalmologist will perform other tests based on the need, depending on what the preceding parts of your examination have revealed.
  • After the examination, your ophthalmologist will discuss the results of the exam with you and answer any questions you might have!