Program Details

The Vitreoretinal Fellowship is a two-year program devoted to clinical training in the evaluation, diagnosis, and medical and surgical management of vitreoretinal diseases in state-of-the-art facilities at the Anand Eye Institute.

The Retina Fellows will work closely under the Dr. Satish G Agraharam, a nationally acclaimed Retinal surgeon. They will gain a hands-on experience in treating a wide range of vitreoretinal diseases from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) to diabetic and other vascular retinopathies, to inflammatory and infectious vitreoretinal disorders, age-related macular degeneration, retinal dystrophies, retinal tears and detachments, proliferative vitreoretinopathies, ocular trauma, intraocular foreign bodies and others.

The fellow will also be trained in surgical procedures such as:

  • 3 port vitrectomies
  • 20G, 23G, 25G vitrectomies
  • Scleral buckling surgeries.

Along with this, the fellow will also be exposed to ROP screening and treatment including Lasers. The fellow will also be given a first-hand experience in Uvea, making them well-versed with handling uvea cases by the end of the fellowship.

Along with vitreoretinal and uvea, the fellow will be trained in SICS and Phaco which will help them in handling cataracts as well.

The fellow will be paid a stipend of 20,000 INR in the first year and 25000 INR in the second year. They will be working closely under the consultants in their respective departments.
The Anterior Segment Fellowship at Anand Eye Institute is a comprehensive training program in the surgical and medical management of diseases of the anterior segment. The mission of the fellowship is to train highly motivated aspiring fellows in an academic and clinically intense setting so that they can move on to become clinical leaders in their field.

In this program, the fellow will be educated on the following departments for the first 18 months, dedicating 6 months for each speciality.

  • Cataract
  • Cornea
  • Glaucoma

During this tenure, they will be learning:
  • Cataract - SICS, and Phaco. They will receive a hands-on training in surgeries.
  • Cornea - penetrating Keratoplasty.
  • Glaucoma - Medical management of Glaucoma and Trabeculectomies.
    • In the last 6 months of the fellowship, the fellow can choose their field of interest and get trained accordingly.
      • Cornea - Lamellar corneal procedures.
      • Glaucoma - Advanced Glaucoma surgeries like Glaucoma valves, trabeculectomy. They will also get a chance to train under Dr. Ramesh S Ayyala who is the Dean of a residency program, at Tulane University.
      • The fellowship will be under the direction of Dr. Arjun Srirampur and Dr. Tarannum Mansoori. The fellow will be paid a stipend of 20,000 INR in the first year and 25000 INR in the second year.