Retina And Vitreous

What is retina?

An eye is like a camera with a film in it and the retina acts like that film. Made up of an interlace of neurons and synapses, the retina is the photo sensitive part of the eye.

Vitreous body or Vitreous humour is a colourless, gelatinous and transparent mass that fills the space between lens and retina. Almost 90 per cent of it is water with few collagens like proteinoids substances. This vitreous helps keep retina in shape. A healthy retina is crucial for vision and so various diseases affecting retina like diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity, age related macular degeneration etc. variably lead to decrease in vision. Fortunately, most of them can be managed satisfactorily if treated on time.

The most common disease of retina and their treatment Retinal Detachment:
Retinal Detachment can present itself in different ways:
Total detachment – This usually manifests as a sudden appearance of floaters in vision or sudden loss of vision or darkness over peripheral vision.
Partial detachment – This may happen before a complete detachment occurs. This usually appears as a tear or holes in retina. Retinal Detachments are mostly painless but must be treated as emergency.