Retina & Vitreous


Anand Eye Institute’s retina & vitreous services team brings a breadth of knowledge and experience in treating retinal cases with highly successful outcomes.

We are one of the oldest vitreoretinal departments in the state, having over 20 years of experience in treating various retinal and uveal diseases.

In addition to having advanced equipments, we have one of the most experienced vitreoretinal surgeon in the state who not only treats adult vitreous and retinal diseases, but also treats premature babies with retinal disorders.

What is retina?

An eye is like a camera with a film in it and the retina acts like that film. Made up of an interlace of neurons and synapses, the retina is the photo sensitive part of the eye. Vitreous body or Vitreous humour is a colourless, gelatinous and transparent mass that fills the space between lens and retina. Almost 90 per cent of it is water with few collagens like proteinoids substances. This vitreous helps keep retina in shape. More