Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • Patients have a right to receive treatment irrespective of their type of primary and associated illnesses, socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins or political affiliations.
  • Patient has the right to privacy during examination and treatment.
  • Protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  • Accommodating and respecting their special needs regardless of spiritual and cultural preferences.
  • Right to confidentiality about their medical condition.
  • Patient has the right to a seek a second opinion on his/her medical condition. And also has the right to information from the doctor to provide the patient with treatment options, so that the patient can select what works best for him/her.
  • Patient has the right to express complaints and satisfaction regarding services rendered and to comment/make suggestions for improvement of the quality of care and services.<

  • Patient has the right to file a complaint and to receive a response in a timely manner without fear of discrimination or reprisal.

  • Patient has the right to refuse treatment and be fully informed of possible consequences of such refusal.

  • Patient has the right to approve and refuse the release of their medical records if not mandated by Law or other third party agreements.

  • Patient has the right to access their medical records.

  • Patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality of their records; records are to be maintained in a safe and secure environment.

  • Patient has the right to know the professional status of the person(s) treating them and those giving medical advice after hours.

  • Patient has the right to know, in advance of services, the cost of services and any applicable payment policy.

  • Patient can refuse to participate in research/experimental activities without reprisal.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Patient must provide full disclosure of family medical history and past personal medical history.
  • Patient has the responsibility to be punctual for appointments and do the best to comply with doctor’s treatment plan.
  • Patient has to inform and bring to the doctor’s notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment. If there are challenges in complying with the treatment notify the doctor immediately.
  • Patients must have intent for improving health and should do everything in their capacity to maintain healthy habits &, routines that contribute to good health, and take responsibility for their own health.
  • Patients should not ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates, and/or advocate forcefully by unlawful means to provide them with one.
  • If the patient is not happy, he/she should be informing and discussing this with the doctor.
  • The patient has the responsibility of respecting the doctors and medical staff caring and treating them.
  • They have to abide by the hospital/facility rules.
  • The patients have to bear the agreed expenses of the treatment that is explained in advance and also any such unforeseen expenses that may arise in the course of treatment. It is paramount to pay the bills on time.
  • The Patient must respect the rights of the other patients and behave accordingly.