Diploma in Optometry

For those who are prepared to accept the responsibility of caring for other’s vision, Optometry is a very rewarding career. Anand Eye Institute is offering a 2 year, full-time Diploma in Optometry for those who have completed inter/ 10 + 2 in either MPC or BiPC. This program is recognized by Para Medical Board of Telangana.

If you have the abilities, experiences, drive, and dedication that make you want to excel at the most comprehensive health sciences centre in the country, then our program is for you.

Major takeaways from the course:

After the course completion, you will be able to perform the following.

  • Assist and treat Refractive errors.
  • Assist ophthalmologists in eye hospitals, district hospitals and Medical officers in the primary Health Centres.
  • Able to perform common ophthalmic diagnostic procedures.
  • Impart health education to the community regarding common eye -disorders.

Career objective:

  • After completion of the course, you can join in any retail Optical outlet.
  • You can have an independent practice and render the ophthalmic services (Vison Centres)
  • Upgradation of the qualification to graduation and post graduate level.
If you wish to know more about the course, do not hesitate to contact us .