September 15, 2017

Keep your child’s eye safe this summer

Summer is a great time to play and explore outdoors. Going to the park, riding their bicycles or simply playing in the open, this is something that every child looks forward to in their summer vacations. However, with the summer fun also comes the risks of the dangerous ultra violet radiations to watch out for. Most parents are aware of the need to apply sunscreen and put a cap on their child before going out in the scorching sun. Nevertheless, when it comes to sun safety for kids, they often forget the mantra of sliding sunglasses. A large variety of outdoor activities often lead to increased exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Here are some ways to protect your child’s eyes this summer.

Limit their time in the sun

Excess sun exposure not only leads to dehydration of the bod, but also dehydrates the yes as well. Thus, is it highly recommended that your kids go outdoors to play either in the early mornings or late evenings.

Insist them on wearing sunglasses

It’s no surprise that sunglasses are one of the most effective ways to protect young eyes from the sun. Kids tend to spend more time in the sun, especially during the summer months, which is why it’s important they wear UV protected sunglasses.

Teach them not to rub their eyes

One of the obvious reason to avoid rubbing eyes is that dirt and germs can easily be transferred to them and can cause eye infections. Ask your children not to rub their eyes in case of irritation or itching. Instead, teach them how to rinse their eyes in cold water.

Do not let your child sit directly facing a fan/A/c

Not only hot weather, but even dry air or extremely cold air can harm the eyes. So, do not allow your child to sit directly facing the air conditioner.

Ask them to use goggles at the pool

If you child is going to the pool, make it compulsory for them to wear protective eye wears. The chlorine, designed to protect you from exposure to germs, has the potential to hurt your eyes.

Give your child healthy food

There are many healthy snacks available. Keep plenty of vegetables and fruits at home and insist your kids on eating them instead of unhealthy snacks.

Keep your children hydrated

One of the big parenting challenges of summer is keeping our kids hydrated. Make sure your children get plenty of liquids to stay hydrated and active.

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